Young Heroes Cancer Care

Young Heroes Cancer Care was restructured in January 2021 for children affected with cancer. Our sanctuary allows these children to experience an indoor playground and a variety of therapeutic programs that is specially catered to their needs.

Our activities are run by our partners and volunteers. We provide the following therapeutic outlets for the children: 

  1. Biweekly piano classes
  2. Weekly Art therapy classes 
  3. Weekly storytelling sessions 
  4. Monthly outdoor activities 
  5. Indoor playground sessions 
  6. Play sessions 
  7. Respite care sessions for caregivers to children cancer patients.

Children undergoing treatments may tap on our mobility assistance for transportation to the hospital. We also provide assistance for the children if they require assistive devices like commodes and wheelchairs

As we focus on holistic care, families with children affected with cancer can reach us for social, financial, and emotional support. We also provide and respite care for parents and caregivers so that they can better care for their children.

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