Our beneficiaries are those who have gone through our programmes successfully and are satisfied with the results. As much as possible, we try to provide financial aid and give emotional support to our patients and their loved ones. Those who benefitted from our programmes include recently diagnosed cancer patients, caregivers and immediate family members of cancer patients, and cancer survivors. I am a cancer patient and Ain Society has helped me a lot financially and emotionally. A big thank you to them and to all donors. I am happy and always looking forward to any events and will always give a helping hand as much as I can. I am grateful and appreciative for all the help I have gotten from Ain Society. Keep it up and sincerely, thank you.

Norsiah Abdullah

I think that Ain Society is a friendly society for the cancer patients. They not only help them financially, but they also take care of their emotional needs and their families. Well done!!!

Ummi Mar Daani

Ain Society’s staff are sincere and caring towards the beneficiaries. Always concerned about their health and well-being. I am very grateful.

Shahariyah Alsagoff

Volunteering with Ain Society has fulfilled what we have always wanted as volunteers. They have graciously accepted our help and continue to do so with open arms. In addition, they have been open to considering our ideas for a singular aim – to provide as much care as possible for patients and their families. They have also constantly shown their appreciation for our support by having volunteer appreciation events; hence we feel that our support has been meaningful all these years. Thus these, and more, have all contributed to us having faith in Ain society and we are happy to continue supporting Ain Society in their endeavours.

Maharah Bte Abdul Mahid, Volunteer and Donor