Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance schemes help to alleviate the financial burdens of affected families, to ensure patients’ adherence to medical treatments and to acquire the intended consumables.
Ain Society being a welfare organisation, disburses financial aids to those in need. Thus far, the organisation is able to receive grants/funds from these five areas: individual donors, corporate donors, projects, Ministries and non-governmental organisations.
The collected money will be channelled into various allocated funds. It is through these disbursements of financial aids, Ain Society hopes to:

  • complement the existing assistance schemes provided by external organisations, thus providing a holistic approach,
  • to be a referring agent for our clients to other organisations, and
  • to be a lifeline to those who falls through the crack.

For more information, you may reach us here.

How to apply?

Please approach our Case Workers to complete your application forms. Alternatively, you may contact us for more information.