Mission, Vision & Core Values

Looking with our hearts, filling lives with hopes

Disadvantaged children and families living to their fullest potentials

“Ain” means “eyes” in Arabic. It is chosen to symbolise as the “eyes” of the community.

To honour the founders who developed Ain Society to be the eyes of the community, we decided to commemorate that essence by developing our new logo. Ain Society was once a familiar name only among the Malay-Muslim community. Moving away from the old logo, this new logo is more diversified. Now, our 15-year-old voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) is reaching out to a more diverse group of beneficiaries and clients, regardless of race or religion.

The new logo embodies our new mission “Looking with our hearts, filling lives with hopes”. Its colour also suggests SERENITY, STABILITY and DEPENDABILITY.

At Ain Society, we believe that it is only when you look with your heart, you can see a vision of hope. It is only when there is a shared belief in the hope that lives can be filled with moments that matter.

We call this belief heart vision which we capture in this simple yet poignant visualisation.

Leveraging the original meaning of the word Ain, we used a graphic rendition of an eye with a heart as the iris and rendered it a light blue tone that suggests hope and reliability.