With the number of cancer-afflicted children under our care rising, we plan to revamp our Eunos cancer centre into a day-care sanctuary for them.

We asked several of our children patients to look at photographs of indoor playgrounds and pick out the features they liked the most. Watch the video below to see which playgrounds excited them.

What would a day-care centre for cancer-afflicted children look like? Find out what our children patients and their parents hope to see from such a space.


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Posted by Ain Society on Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Majority of the children cancer cases in Singapore have an early onset of 0-4 years old. At a tender age, these children undergo cycles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Treatment could take anywhere from a few months, to more than a year.

To care for their child, parents are forced to take extended no-pay leave, or in most cases, resign from their work. These parents reach out to us at these times of crises, seeking financial and social support. Many of them are desperate for respite care and need a short break from caregiving to recharge.

With your support, we hope to provide respite for these parents, enable them to work and fulfil their daily needs while creating a meaningful environment for the children. To achieve this, we aim to revamp our Blk 2 Eunos centre #01-2545 into a day-care centre for cancer-stricken children. We plan to supplement the children’s treatments holistically—providing a space where they can learn, play, and rest, while allowing their parents to recharge and sustain the household income. 

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