Welcome to AIN Society

Ain Society is a voluntary welfare organisation registered with the Registrar of Society on 10th October 2000 and affiliated to the National Council of Social Service.

It was founded in 2000 by 12 activists who resided in Woodlands, the northern part of Singapore, mainly to serve the residents in that area. As it grows, its target group has widened not only to the residents in the north, but also island wide.

Your Contributions Make a Difference

Our beneficiaries are disadvantaged families, at-risk youths and cancer patients of all races and religions. You can support the good cause by joining us as volunteers. You can also help us by making kind donations via cheque or funds transfer. We also accept online donations. Please Click Here to make an online donation. Thank you for your kind support.

Thank You to our Donors!

Ain Society has been extensively raising funds for the past 2 years for the setting up of Serenity Social Service Centre which will be catering to our Cancer Clients. The Society is honored to receive a benevolent donation of $70,000 from Woh Hup Trust as well as $150,000 from Nippon Paint in support of our efforts in setting up the Serenity Social Service Centre. Thank you too to our other donors no matter what the amount is, your contributions and support mean a lot to our beneficiaries!



Salam Lebaran

The event which falls on 17 August was held at Intercontinental Hotel. The event aims to thank all our Donors and Supporters who have gone the extra mile to aid our programmes and services. We would like to thank all guest for coming and we would like to thank all donors who have donated on the event for our Cancer beneficiaries as well. 



RIPPLE Card Newsletter



Ain Society recently distributed the Newsletter to all our members of our Ripple Membership. For more information about our Ripple Card Membership and to view our PDF version of Newsletter, do visit http://ainsociety.org.sg/ripple-card.


Be a RIPPLE member with us and enjoy exclusive membership privileges! For more information you may contact Ms Diyana at 68485118.



Testimonial by Serenity Active Golden Ageing.

When I (gentleman on the right) came to know that Ain Society is actively promoting empowering programme for senior citizens around Eunos area, I quickly registered myself as a programme participant in April '13. Three months later, I was given the opportunity to be a volunteer coordinator to advocate mental wellness of the elderly. Lately, about 20 elderly and I joined Ain Society as member and one of us (centre lady in white) was elected as board member in the last AGM in Jan '14.

I dare to speak on behalf of other elderly that we greatly appreciate the open-mindedness and strength-based approach of Ain Society. I personally have learned and benefited a lot from Ain Society and one of the participants (lady in red to the left) from my programme has been appointed as Group Leader.

Also, with the new inspirational and visionary new logo which incorporates Chinese Name " 爱恩  Ai En" meaning "love & grace" of Ain Society printed on the new van, we are confident that on one hand the needy who are struck by limited life illnesses & facing the predicament of  poverty will continue to benefit from the love, care & concern of Ain Society.  On the other hand, our group of silver talents will continue to be motivated, trained and mobilized by Ain Society to serve and reach out to other eldercare centres in Singapore.

In all matters, we strongly feel that it is the "heart" which is the centre of the new logo that matters.

Thank You.


Serenity Active Golden Ageing (SAGA) member: Soon Ah Poo


AIN SOCIETY launches new logo and passenger bus for beneficiaries


15 February 2014 - Ain Society launched its new logo at the SingPost Auditorium on Saturday. Guest-of-honour for the event, Speaker of Parliament, Mdm Halimah Yacob launched Ain Society's new logo and passenger bus for the beneficiaries, donated by HONG LEONG FOUNDATION.

AIN SOCIETY was once a familiar name only among the Malay-Muslim community.

Moving away from the old logo, this new logo is more diversified. Now, our 13 year old voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) is reaching out to a more diverse group of beneficiaries and clients, regardless of race or religion.

The new logo embodies their new vision "Looking with our hearts, filling lives with hopes". Its colour also suggests SERENITY, STABILITY and DEPENDABILITY.

At Ain Society, we believe that it is only when  you look with your heart, can you see a vision of hope. It is only when there is a shared belief in the hope that lives can be filled with moments that matter. 

We call this belief HEART VISION which we capture in this simple yet poignant visualization. 

Leveraging the original meaning of the word AIN, we used a graphic rendition of an eye with a heart as the iris and rendered it a light blue tone that suggests hope and reliability. In colour theory, "Blue"represents serenity, stability and dependability.


AIN SOCIETY'S first Passenger bus was donated by the HONG LEONG FOUNDATION.

The passenger bus will ferry their less mobile beneficiaries to and from their medical appointments, as well as attend their centre-based programmes.  

Thank You Hong Leong Foundation!






In conjunction with the World Cancer Day on 4th Feb 2014, Ain Society visited the HCA Hospice and Dover Park Hospice with 16 volunteers which include cancer survivors, elderly volunteers from the Ain Society SAGA (Serenity Active Golden Aging) group and staffs. 

Food rations which include items such as biscuits, 3-in-1 Milo and milk were given away to 25 patients from HCA Hospice and 50 patients from Dover Park Hospice. 
The visit took place on Monday 17th Feb 2014. 

Daffodil is a symbol of hope for cancer patients. Through the distribution of Daffodils to patients, Ain Society aims to spread hope for cancer patients and their families. This is in line with Ain Society's cause of helping cancer-stricken families by providing emotional and social support.